Leopard Is My Favorite Neutral

It’s rare that you’ll find me in bright bold colors and busy patterns. I’m really more of a simple “neutrals” kinda woman and my wardrobe is 90% comprised of black, olive, ivory, denim and.. leopard. While I do have to admit that I love the occasional floral pattern, leopard is my most favorite print of choice – as far back as I can remember, too. In my mind, it goes with [almost] every color and remains timeless. Continue Reading

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The Whole30: Halfway There

My Whole30 journey is more than halfway completed and I’m so excited to share how things have been going! When I first started, on day two, I was all “oh I can do this, NO PROBLEM.” Soon after, the “carb hangover” began and I was not only kicking myself in the toosh for naively thinking how easy this would be, but also dying for all things carby, chocolatey and sweet. While I still long for piece of soft & heavenly chocolate chip banana bread (especially this one), I’m happy to report that for the most part I’m doing much better mentally and physically when it comes to my longtime love affair with food. I will say, however, the journey is much more enjoyable when you have a friend or spouse on it with you (shoutout to my Whole30 twin, Dani!). Continue Reading

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My Summer Vacation Must-Haves

Since it seems like it has been raining here in South Florida NON-FREAKING-STOP (& that’s not an exaggeration) over the past few weeks, I can’t help but daydream about our upcoming summer vacations. Visions of wind-blown hair (mine & Henry’s ha!), swimsuits and our toes in the sand are clouding my mind lately and I think it’s safe to say I’m so excited to get outta town! While I know traveling with the babe in tow won’t be the most “relaxing” of vacations, I truly do love any excuse to travel and can’t wait for Henry to experience all of our new adventures.

When planning a vacation, I always do some shopping beforehand. A trip is the best excuse to spruce up my wardrobe and find a few pieces that will travel well and fit whichever destination is on the radar. Plus, planning a vacay is almost as exciting as the actual vacay – am I right?! From beachy accessories to lounge chair reading material, below are a few of my summer travel must-haves! Continue Reading

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The Whole30: Week 1

After months of not feeling physically or mentally my best, I decided it was time for a major change in my life. I wasn’t sure what I would change just yet, but I knew it needed to be something drastic and eye opening. I had heard about The Whole30 here & there, but never thought I could do it – it just seemed too hard. And then it dawned on me that it was EXACTLY what I needed. Not only did I need to change my eating habits, but I also felt that I needed to see something difficult all the way through and achieve my goal. So, despite Memorial Day, National Donut Day & Father’s Day coming up, I jumped in feet first to the Whole30 on May 29th. Continue Reading

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Shredded Cabbage Salad (Whole30)


When it comes to “chopped salad vs. shredded salad,” I’m ALL about the shred! When I was trying to figure out what to meal prep for my first week of the Whole30, I wanted a salad that would hold up for a few days in the fridge, be versatile when it came to whichever protein I was feeling that day, and of course, be tasty AF. In the midst of a Whole Foods shopping trip, my new favorite shredded salad was born. Continue Reading


Making the Switch to a More Natural Lifestyle

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! As promised, here is my blog post on my decision to incorporate more natural products into my daily routine. I’d love to finally do the FULL switch from head to toe, but I am honestly having a hard time letting go of some of my favorite beauty products! Someday I’ll get there! Continue Reading

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Henry’s 7 Month Update!

“The days are long but the years are short.” I never truly understood that quote and its magnitude until I became a mother. It seems like I’m sharing these photos & updates daily instead of monthly! With that being said, Henry’s seventh month of life was pretty eventful for all of us. Not only did we celebrate our first Mother’s Day, but this little guy is on the move and it’s such a game changer. Here’s what’s been going on in our world:

If you guys have any questions that you want me to answer, please let me know!



Weighing in at 18.9 lbs & 27 inches
Sleeping 10-11 hours per night (7:30pm-6am avg.)
Eating 2 “solid” meals per day – a combo of purées & BLW

New skills:

CRAWLING! This babe is on the move! He’s also pulling himself up on everything he can possibly find (even the dogs).


Being mobile, his new “car,”climbing, music time, green vegetables, sweet potato and yogurt.


Sitting still for longer than 5 seconds & carrots.

Looking Forward To:

V A C A T I O N! We have a few trips coming up this summer that I just can’t wait for! I know it’s going to be a whole new experience & challenge with a baby in tow, but I’m still looking forward to them regardless. If you have any tips for traveling with a baby, please share!


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Henry’s 6 Month Update!

It’s our sweet little babe’s HALF BIRTHDAY! 🎉

Woah woah woah – time needs to sloooow down! I can’t believe it’s been six months (yes, I will say that every month). This past month has been amazing. After a rough patch during the previous month, I am so happy to say that things have turned around not just for the better.. but for the best! Henry is currently off ALL of his reflux meds and is the happiest little guy who hands out smiles like they’re goin’ out of style. Here’s what else has been going on:


Weighing in at 17.9 lbs & 26.5 inches
Sleeping 10-11 hours per night

New skills:

Sprouted TWO teeth (& possibly working on a couple more), sitting up by himself, trying to get the hang of crawling, blowing raspberries & using a sippy cup to drink water


FOOD (no surprise there!), music, sitting in the high chair


Sitting still! This kid always wants to be moving!

Looking Forward To:

I’m ready to freeze time where we are, kthx.

As far as a sleep update, I’m so happy to report that The Happy Sleeper book/method has worked for us! Henry isn’t waking up in the middle of the night anymore. We still have some early mornings and fussing at bedtime here & there, but I’ll take those over a 3am wakeup call any day!

We’ve been given the go ahead to start introducing mixed solids and proteins so I spent this past Sunday in the kitchen making Henry some savory combinations for dinnertime (chicken, apple & sweet potato and chicken, apple & avocado), and some fruit purees for breakfast. I’ve been considering mixing in some baby led weaning (BLW) finger foods. If anyone has experience with this or some great puree recipes, please let me know.

If you guys have any questions or advice for our new parenthood life, please leave them below!

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Our Family photo Shoot (featuring Freshly Picked)

Even though our sweet baby is only just shy of six months old, I find myself saying to my husband all the time, “Remember when Henry…” And whether I’m reminiscing on his squished little baby face right after he was born or watching a video of him waking up full of smiles from when he was only three months old, it often feels as if he’s been here forever. Having Henry has made me realize so many things about life and about being present. One of the greatest things I’ve learned is that life is truly measured by memories and moments.

It’s not only so important to me to live and revel in these moments, but to capture them as well. Time has never seemed to fly by so quickly! I’m always snapping pictures with my camera or phone, and I’m always quick to jump at the opportunity of a family photoshoot. Right after Henry turned 5 months old, we had a family session with the amazing Jessica Bordner (who did my maternity session) and I’m SO glad we did this! It’s so much fun getting dressed up and even more so with a baby. I had ordered a pair of Freshly Picked baby moccs for Henry that I had been saving in his closet for a perfect occasion like this!

I have loved Freshly Picked (but who doesn’t?!) from even before Henry was born and always wanted him to have a pair (or five..or ten..or..). They’re SO CUTE. Not only do they come in every color imaginable, but they release seasonal styles as well (like these cuties) that are always to die for! They smell amazing like fresh leather, are such high quality and they’re so super soft for our baby’s precious feet. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for summertime. I’m hoping for a lobster print!

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Henry’s 5 Month Update!

Time is surely flying! It’s hard to believe Henry has been with us for five months already! I know it’s SO cliche.. but where does the time go?!

In all honesty (because I’m very honest about motherhood!), Henry’s fifth month of life hasn’t been my favorite. Not only have we been battling his reflux and trying to find the best remedy to keep him comfy, but he’s cutting his first tooth. The combo of those two with his new skill of rolling onto his belly has caused what is known in the mama world as the dreaded “4 month sleep regression.” So with that being said, I’ve been drinking more coffee than usual lately! Although this past month was tough, I still make sure that I enjoy and cherish every moment – good or bad – and remain optimistic about next month. Here’s what else has happened in the past month:


Weighing in at 17.4 lbs & 26 inches
Sleeping is questionable at this point! 😴

New skills:

Cutting his first tooth, doing the “worm crawl,” sitting up unassisted for extended periods of time, & belly laughing


Sitting and spending time outside, his friends from Mommy & Me (I think he recognizes them now!), the Jumperoo is a huge hit and the “big boy” stroller seat where he gets to face outward


Sitting still and strangers (the stranger danger is real!)

Looking Forward To:

Family photos next week with the amazing Jessica Bordner who did our maternity session, sitting up for longer periods unassisted, and maybe some army crawling soon?!

As controversial as it may be (if you’re a judgy person – BUH BYE👋🏼), we’re working on sleep training currently. We are all so much happier when well rested (especially Henry)! We’re using the “Happy Sleeper” book/method and so far it’s going well. This book was recommended by one of my favorite bloggers, M Loves M. We still have a couple of rough nights since it’s very new, but last night Henry slept for almost 11 hours! I feel like a new person today and we both woke up with a pep in our step. This method has also helped us with getting Henry to nap in his crib which will be so helpful in the future and let’s me get stuff done around the house! Here’s to hoping it works in the long run!

If you guys have any questions or advice for our new parenthood life, please leave them below!

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My Registry Wish List with The Baby Cubby

Before my sweet little Henry was born and I took on the title of “mom,” I had ZERO clue what I would need besides  a crib, diapers and the obvious necessities. So when it came time to create my registry, I was beyond overwhelmed (because there is such thing as TOO much research) and ended up just choosing pretty much everything and anything I saw that looked cute & fun (& expensive).

Now that I’ve had about five months of experience with a [very particular] infant, I wish I could make my registry all over again with a company like The Baby Cubby with all the knowledge I have now. After browsing their easy-to-navigate website, I saw so many items that make me think, “ugh, we NEEDED that.” The Baby Cubby is a one stop shop for everything you need and you can create an online registry with just a few clicks. They have it all from strollers to diaper bags and everything in between. The Baby Cubby also price matches (woohoo!) and offers free US shipping for orders over $49. Curious to know what I would put on my registry if I could do it again with The Baby Cubby? Keep reading to find out!

Comotomo Bottles
While Dr. Brown’s bottles seem to be the most popular out there (of course we have those too), they are a huge pain in the you-know-what to clean since they have what seems like a million parts. Not only do the Comotomo bottles resemble a boob for the breastfeeding mamas, but they’re so easy to clean. So for those moments when dad gets to feed the babe, they’re so great (and not sold at many big box stores).

Natursutten Pacifier
Being a new mom has given me a much stronger appreciation for everything organic and natural since I hate the thought of giving my baby anything full of chemicals. While Henry, of course, adores his Wubbanub, I do wish we would’ve given him a more natural pacifier from the get go like the Natursutten (which I’ve also never seen at big box stores).

Little Unicorn Swaddles
I am such a sucker for anything palm print and HAD to have these swaddles! I love this brand of swaddles because they’re super soft and the patterns are so cute. The Baby Cubby has a large selection of Little Unicorns’s products from hooded towels to burp cloths.

Bandana Bibs
When Henry was first born, I remember asking myself why we even needed bibs. He was a “clean” eater and a bib didn’t really seem necessary in the typical newborn breastfeeding positions. Fast forward to his reflux diagnosis and BAM! We now go through about 10 bibs a day. While baby girls are accessorized with headbands and bows, my boy gets styled in trendy bibs and these are the best!

You all know by now how much of a DockATot advocate I am. It saved us when Henry was six weeks old and keeping us up all night long. The Baby Cubby has them available and all the pretty covers they offer. I wish I could’ve had this on my registry!

Spare Medela Pump Parts
While pumping isn’t pleasant whatsoever, there is nothing more unenjoyable than washing pump parts day in and day out. Having a spare (or a few) set is a huge time and sanity saver. Add them to your registry!

If you’re a new mama or mama-to-be, it’s so important to keep things easy! I’m a huge fan of online shopping (clearly) and websites like The Baby Cubby are lifesavers when you have a new baby to care for.

This post was sponsored by The Baby Cubby. All opinions are my own and recommendations are products I have personally used.



Spring is Blooming with JORD

Spring is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited because it’s one of my favorite seasons! Living in South Florida allows me the pleasure of having beautiful weather most of the year, but there’s just something about spring that makes me SO happy. I love spring styles, spring’s seasonal signature colors and of course – the flowers and everything green!


As much as I’m addicted to the color black (it compromises 80% of my wardrobe) and the darker winter hues, I do appreciate the change of pace in spring and the ability to wear the colors at the other end of the spectrum, my endless collection of sandals and my favorite light wash denim. Obviously, with that being said, I was so pumped when my mint green and wood JORD watch arrived at my doorstep. Mint green is one of my go-to colors and wood is the perfect complementing material. I’ve found this unique watch to be incredibly light weight (so important when carrying around a 16lb baby!) and well-made. This past weekend, I paired it with one of my easy “new mama” outfits – boyfriend jeans, a white tee & a pair of white Converse sneakers. The watch was the perfect accessory and added a nice pop of color to my outfit!


If my watch from their Frankie Collection isn’t your favorite, check out their other styles and collections right here.

Now for the BEST PART – JORD is giving away a $100 gift code to a lucky reader of mine! Enter by visiting here. Every person who enters will receive a $25 gift code just for taking the time out to enter – how awesome is that?! The contest will end on March 26th. Good luck!


Luxury Wooden Watch

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15 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Pregnant

Motherhood is full of “oh no!” and “aha!” moments. You can do as much research as your brain can possibly endure while you’re pregnant, but experience is the best teacher when it comes to your new job title of “mama.” I spent countless hours reading books and blogs trying to prepare for parenthood. Somehow, these fifteen items slipped through the cracks of all my studying:

1. Not much will go as planned

I am a planner to the max. I had TONS of plans for our little family. And you know what? Sometimes, plans don’t work out and that’s okay! Did I plan to have a reflux babe? Nope. Am I makin’ it work? ‘Sho nuff am!

2. Bonding can take time

For some of us, that instant “this baby completes me” feeling takes time. I didn’t expect that but I’m glad to know it’s not abnormal. Now, I’m obsessed with that little squish of mine!

3. You might become addicted to buying baby clothes

Sorry, hubs! But really, I’m not.

4. Mom guilt is real

Ohh this is just TOO TRUE and that struggle is SO real. Guilt over every decision. I’ve learned to just LET IT GO & breathe.

5. Leaving baby with anyone will be harder than you think

Cabin fever is legit as a new mama. You pretty much can’t leave the confines of your house or the pediatrician’s office for weeks on end (feels like forever, doesn’t it?). But when you finally get the chance to break free and leave the house alone.. you’ll just worry about the baby instead.

6. You’ll learn to trust your instincts

When I was pregnant, I felt like I had to learn EVERYTHING before he came home with us novice amateur parents. In the end, I found that it really just comes to you. Soon enough, you can change a diaper in under a minute, in your lap, in the backseat of the car. Trust yourself, you’ve got this.

7. Your house will be taken over 

Say buh-bye to your clean modern living space! Our home has turned into ‘Baby Wonderland.” And of course, you’ll always have WAY more than you need.

50% all crib quilts | BurtsBeesBaby.com

8. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out..

WRONG! Once you dare think to yourself “alright, I’ve got this,” something will change and you won’t have it. Keep calm & move on. On Henry’s 3rd month birthday he decided to become intolerant to my breastmilk. We’re workin’ on it, one dairy-free/soy-free meal & GI visit at a time.

9. You’ll NEED your mom tribe

Find your mom tribe & you will be forever grateful. From support to experience, they’ve got your back!

10. Leaving the house will take forever

This used to be because you had to apply your makeup with precision and tame every single flyaway that sprouted from your head. Not anymore! Now it’s because your baby decided to ‘dirty’ his diaper as you were walking out the door or you had to turn around because you forgot the stroller.. or the pacifier.. or your sanity.

11. Your hormones will go so CRAY

I wasn’t prepared for the hormonal shit storm that was about to hit me so hard a week or so after delivery. Wine.. just wine.

12. You’ll appreciate a solo trip to run an errand like never before

Once you get over that guilt of leaving your baby, it will turn into true appreciation for not having to worry about a possible baby meltdown in the middle of Target. Trust.

13. Maternity leave is NOT a vacation

There is no time to read for leisure, perfect your gourmet chef skills or learn a new language. Momming is a full time job those first few months (and really forever)!

14. Everyone will see your boobs

If you’re breastfeeding or pumping, just get used to it. The housekeeper, your in-laws, possibly the pool guy..

15. Your body MAY hold onto an extra few pounds if you’re nursing

When I started to shed all the “baby weight,” I couldn’t figure out why I hit a 5lb. plateau that just wouldn’t go away no matter how much I was exercising and eating healthy. After talking to some other moms and doing my research, I found that it’s pretty normal for our bodies to hold on to a couple of pounds until you’re done nursing.

With all that being said, we are all just doing the best we can for our little babes and THAT’S MORE THAN ENOUGH. Mamahood is amazing, scary, and exciting – embrace every emotion and savor every minute. Most importantly, everything is temporary. The good and the bad.

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Henry’s 4 Month Update!

Henry’s fourth month has been yet another whirlwind! What they say about the days being long and the years being short has never been truer. My sweet baby boy is growing before my eyes and every day it feels like he’s bigger and doing something new that he wasn’t doing the day before! With all the amazing moments we’ve had together, we’ve also had some rough ones this month. Henry’s reflux has really taken a turn for the worst lately and we’re hoping that that was the peak of it and things are going to get better from here on out! We’re trying eliminating some things from his (my) diet, some new medications, probiotics, visiting a baby chiropractor and diffusing a couple of essential oils (I’ve always considered myself semi-granola☺️). I’m so thankful to have such a healthy, thriving & active baby, but seeing him in pain from the reflux is heartbreaking! Here’s what else has been happening this month:


Weighing in at 16 lbs & 24.5 inches
Sleeping 10 hours at night

New skills:

Rolling from back to belly, laughing & refining his grabbing skills. Henry also graduated physical therapy this month for his neck! YAY!


Sitting and spending time outside, his nightly baths, blondes 😆, the chiropractor and our Mommy & Me classes.


The carseat (STILL!), staying up too late and sitting still for too long.

Looking Forward To:

Introducing solids soon (I can’t wait to cook for this baby!), family photos in March and hopefully learning how to sit up!

If you guys have any questions or advice for our new parenthood life, please leave them below!

Friday Faves

Friday Favorites 2.3.17

We are doin’ the Friday dance around here! It’s been a LOOOONG week for us & I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that it’s FriYAY. Here are some things that I’ve been loving this week..

I have been LOVING this moisturizer & this CC cream that my makeup artist bestie recommended. I told her I need to achieve a “put together” look in about 10-15 minutes. Mission accomplished!

Are you following @kalejunkie on Instagram? If not, you should be! I LOVE her healthy recipes, product recommendations & the inspiration she sends my way.

I started doing Orangetheory workouts a few weeks ago and it has quickly become one of my favorite workouts! I love the mix of cardio and weight training.. and I never find myself checking the clock to see how much time is left. The classes fly by!

I’ve been on the hunt for some cute small boutique baby shops lately because we love supporting small businesses in this house! In the meantime, I came across these leggings from Zara & just had to order them for Henry.

This week has truly been a whirlwind (I’ll elaborate soon) and I’m so ready to get my weekend on!