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Tips For Navigating Disney World During The Covid19 Pandemic

*This blog post was written as a collaboration between myself and my friend/business partner, Keri, who also has two toddlers!*

Let’s just get this out there.. 2020 has been WEIRDDDDD and we are ALL way overdue for some magic. More specifically, THE magic of one place and one place only – DISNEY WORLD. While we were, of course, hesitant to plan this trip, it is 100% what we all needed. We needed to see our kids so happy after 8 long months living in a quarantine bubble and that made any potential risk all worth it. The not having to cook or plan “covid safe” activities for a few days didn’t suck either!

We know that these times are strange and you probably have a lot of travel-related questions so we’ve complied a list of new Disney protocols you need to be aware of and some of our personal tips when planning a trip anytime soon (we’re told things will probably stay the way they are now well into 2021).

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Tips For Going To Disney With Small Children

Ahh.. the happiest place on Earth. It’s pretty ironic that they call it that when it can feel totally overwhelming and stressful.. even from the beginning stages of planning your trip. I’m here to help. I’ve always lived in Florida & traveling to Disney has been a part of my life since my early childhood. Now that I have a couple trips with children under my belt, I wanted to share my experience and tips to help anyone in the midst of planning their own trip.

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Summer Staycation at the Mayfair Hotel & Spa in Miami

This has definitely been the summer of staycations for us & I’ve loved every second of it! Traveling with an active and curious baby has its challenges, especially on a flight, so anywhere that we can go locally and still feel like we’re on vacation is ideal for us right now. When the Mayfair Hotel & Spa in Coconut Grove reached out and asked if we wanted to come stay with them for a weekend, obviously I said “HECK YES!” It was only an hour drive for us and we truly did feel like we were somewhere else entirely! I’m a native Floridian and actually didn’t really know anything about Coconut Grove until spending a weekend there. Keep reading to see how we spent our weekend exploring the Mayfair and a little slice of Miami. Continue Reading


Henry Does the Hamptons!

Earlier this month, we took our summer trip in the Hamptons with friends. It’s quite the understatement to say that I am OBSESSED with the Hamps! From the moment we left last summer, I could not wait to come back. Not only is it some of the prettiest scenery & real estate, but you have the beach, countless farmers markets, blooming sunflower fields, vineyards and the cutest little towns to just stroll the streets of. And, of course, I can’t discuss the Hamptons without a mention of Levain Bakery’s AMAZING cookies. If you’ve ever had one, you know just how serious they are! If you haven’t, PLEASE add them to your bucket list because they are an absolute MUST-TRY.

This summer was a little different – since we had Henry with us! We did a few staycaytions in the beginning of the summer to “practice” for this trip, but this was our first REAL family vacation as a family of three and Henry’s first flight (I’ll save that little story for another day). I thought it would be fun to give a little rundown of our trip and share some photos. Continue Reading

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My Summer Vacation Must-Haves

Since it seems like it has been raining here in South Florida NON-FREAKING-STOP (& that’s not an exaggeration) over the past few weeks, I can’t help but daydream about our upcoming summer vacations. Visions of wind-blown hair (mine & Henry’s ha!), swimsuits and our toes in the sand are clouding my mind lately and I think it’s safe to say I’m so excited to get outta town! While I know traveling with the babe in tow won’t be the most “relaxing” of vacations, I truly do love any excuse to travel and can’t wait for Henry to experience all of our new adventures.

When planning a vacation, I always do some shopping beforehand. A trip is the best excuse to spruce up my wardrobe and find a few pieces that will travel well and fit whichever destination is on the radar. Plus, planning a vacay is almost as exciting as the actual vacay – am I right?! From beachy accessories to lounge chair reading material, below are a few of my summer travel must-haves! Continue Reading


Noshing in NOLA

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you’ll understand when I say that it’s not just a location, but truly a way of life. Bursting at its seams with a cultural past, bright and whimsical architecture, harmonious jazz at every corner, and of course some of the country’s (maybe even the world’s!) best dishes, New Orleans is a must for all of your bucket lists. ‘The Big Easy’ is eclectic, vibrant, and almost never silent – making it one of the least boring places I’ve ever visited. Follow along for my foodie guide of New Orleans…

Breakfast + Brunch

District Donuts, Sliders, & Brew // 2209 Magazine Street

If you know me at all, even if it’s just from my Instagram page, you know donuts are my jam. No matter where I am in the world, I WILL find the best donut that location has to offer. In New Orleans, that title goes hands-down to District. Not only are their donuts absolutely delicious, but their flavors change every single day – and who doesn’t love that element of surprise?! If you’re feeling savory, try some of their other breakfast items – I had a pork belly breakfast taco that was ahhh-maze-ing.

After you’re done chowing down your donuts (yes plural because you won’t be able to choose just one), walk, browse, & shop along Magazine Street. Home to some of the cutest boutiques and antique shops all clustered conveniently together, you won’t want to miss it.


Atchafalaya // 901 Louisiana Avenue

if you’re looking for more of a brunchy (that’s a word, isn’t it?) atmosphere, head to Atchafalaya. While it’s definitely a cab ride away from the French Quarter, it’s worth it just to get away from the chaos for a little bit – especially for a great meal. Their brunch menu is full of Louisiana inspired items, but most have their own interesting twist. I would highly recommend the ‘Duck Hash,’ which consists of poached eggs, duck confit, blackberries, & mango, smothered in hollandaise & bacon vinaigrette (what’s a diet?). Savory & sweet – the perfect combination. Don’t skip the coffee –  it’s GOOD.



Killer Po’Boys  // 811 Conti Street {Erin Rose Bar}

You will get lost finding this place. Don’t give up. It is worth every mile walked, every corner turned, every frustrating feeling you have towards your iPhone map. Killer Po’Boys is such a MUST when visiting New Orleans, I can’t reiterate that enough. It’s location is strange – in the wayyy back of a bar in a small square dark room. Their menu is small and consists only of about five different po’boy sandwiches. I had the Seared Gulf Shrimp Po’Boy and I wish I would’ve savored every bite a little bit longer. It was served banh mi style and the flavors were so on point. This place should be on every foodie’s list!


Acme Oyster House // 724 Iberville Street

Normally I don’t recommend overly-touristy spots, because well, they usually suck to be honest. But when you have a hankering for oysters in a city that’s really well known for their oysters, you just have to go for it. Acme Oyster House proved my theory wrong! Despite the line out front, the oysters were phenom. And fresh. They’re known for their chargrilled oysters, but I had to go for the steamed and chilled – it was super hot outside. Go for either, or both.



August // 301 Tchoupitoulas Street

This was one of the best meals I’ve EVER had. John Besh has quite the reputation in New Orleans, and for very good reason – his food is to die for. Restaurant August is situated on a street that I still can’t quite pronounce, outside of the hustle & bustle of the quarter. Definitely make a reservation in advance because I would hate to see you miss it. August offers a degustation menu (with optional wine pairing) or you can order a la carte. I wasn’t starving, so we ordered off the menu. What to order, you ask?

  • Start with the salad of brûléed goat cheese and strawberry and prepare to be mesmerized. It’s crazy to think that just a salad can mesmerize you, but trust me and you’ll see.
  • For your next course, order the handmade potato gnocchi tossed with blue crab and black truffle – what couldn’t be amazing about that?
  • As your main dish, go for the Wagyu hangar steak with sesame, kimchi, & cured yard egg – WOW, just wow.
  • As stuffed as you are, you better save a teensy bit of room for dessert – the lemon soufflé. You’re welcome.

The pictures don’t do August justice – it’s very romantic and dark inside!


Cochon // 930 Tchoupitoulas Street

Cochon was recommended to me by so many people when I said I was visiting New Orleans, that I knew I had to go or I would regret it. Cochon has an awesome vibe, and a menu to match. Their cocktail menu is pretty enticing – I would recommend imbibing in the ‘hey, jack’ (chinaco tequila, pama liqueur, jalapeno, tarragon, lime juice, & ginger beer) or a bourbon flight if you’re feeling adventurous. Speaking of adventurous, this is where we decided to go all out and try some interesting flavors and textures we’re not used to.

  • We started with the fried alligator with chili garlic mayonnaise. If you’ve never tried alligator,  there might not be a better place to try it. Alligator has the texture of calamari and the flavor of chicken, a very cool combination!
  • Next up – the mixed green salad with fried cheese, hard boiled egg & pickled radish. Pickled anything usually sells me.
  • For the main course, the rabbit & dumplings won the vote. This dish is served similar to a pot-pie of sorts – stewy, hot, and topped with biscuit-y goodness. Southern comfort in all its glory.


We decided to keep the night going with some true New Orleans pralines from the French Quarter. I may have taken a bunch home, and they may all be gone now – just saying!


New Orleans has it all – incredible food, interesting people, & a lot to explore. It isn’t all raging drunken fools throwing beads on Bourbon Street (although that is GREAT people watching) – it’s so much more. I hope one day you enjoy New Orleans as much as I did! Cheers!




Georgia on My Mind: Atlanta

Last weekend I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia and was blown away by its beauty (Atlanta goes from city to woodsy in a heartbeat!) and mostly by the utter fact that i didn’t have a single bad, or even mediocre, meal! Georgia is a new foodie favorite for me and I’m excited to share my Atlanta hall of fame with you. Continue Reading


New York City

New York City is the ConcrEAT Jungle.

The city that never sleeps is what foodie dreams are made of.  Any type of food you could ever possibly imagine is available in the ‘Big Apple.’ From Soho to Midtown and through the villages, you can pretty much find anything you want, anytime of the day.  Next time you’re in NYC, add the following five foodie havens to your list. Be sure to come with an empty stomach and a full wallet – and don’t blame me if you leave with the opposite!

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The Epcot International Food + Wine [+ Waiting in Line!] Festival

Let’s just be honest here.. Epcot is Disney World for grown-ups.

When I was a kid, a trip to Epcot was almost as bad as a trip to the pediatrician. I much preferred the bewitchment of the Magic Kingdom and the retro streets of the park formerly known as MGM, even though I was too small for the best rides.  Epcot was just “too boring” and “too educational” to have fun for my seven-year old self.
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Whirlwind Through the Windy City

Chicago in a day. A nearly impossible task. With some determination and a big appetite, I made it happen.

Since time was of the essence, location was key. The Park Hyatt Chicago on the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave.) was our home for the weekend and I couldn’t have asked for more.  Perfection! The view was everything. Our room was large with a bench at the window that overlooked the city and Lake Michigan.  And any hotel that offers mid-day snacks and water, tea, and coffee is good in my book!
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