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Henry’s 12 Month Update (& Birthday Party Recap)!

I HAVE A 1 YEAR OLD?! NO! I know, I know.. every mom says this. But it’s hard not to be in utter disbelief that you no longer have a tiny baby, but a walking and talking toddler! Time is such a thief. Before Henry was born, I had the best memory. So good that I could tell you what you wore to so and so’s birthday party in 2007. Now, I can’t even remember what newborn life was like (#motherhood, right?). It’s really crazy the transformation that we’ve all gone through in this past year.

Henry has taught me so much about love and life in just his first year. I am so much better at not sweating the small stuff, seeing the big picture and accepting myself and others for who we are. It’s been a long road to get where we are now, but I really couldn’t love my little man more and I appreciate our journey – it’s exactly what I’ve needed all along. There’s no doubt that parenthood changes you. Some of us feel as though we were always meant to be mothers and others, like me, felt completely frazzled the second our babies were laid on our chest and have had to fight every day to find peace. It will come, mamas, trust me. But enough about me, let’s focus on the birthday boy! Here’s a little recap of Henry’s birthday party and what’s happening at a year old..

We had a Henry’s birthday bash at The Little Gym, which was perfect for our little adventurous dude and his friends. It’s literally a padded room that he can’t get hurt in! I knew I wanted a dinosaur theme from the start, so I took that and ran with it. I LOVE planning parties and had so much fun with all the DIY decor, it was definitely a labor of love.

The party was at 10am, so we served brunch – a build-your-own bagel buffet the easiest option for those of us chasing around busy babes. We had a dessert table with cake, dinosaur gummies and of course, LOTS of donuts. My mom, as always, made the cake which was vanilla with lemon curd. Lastly, we had a kid’s table with MySuperFoods cookies (because they’re the BEST, obvi – find them on Amazon Prime here), some oatmeal pouches for those who didn’t want to house a whole bagel, and puffs (because puffs are life).

The little ones had free play & a “gym” class for an hour and then it was bagel & cake time. Henry had a small smash cake, which really he wasn’t too thrilled over. He much prefers donuts like his mother.

We ALL had the best time and couldn’t have asked for a better day with better people! Henry is so loved and we’re lucky to have been able to celebrate our sweet boy.


Weighing in at 22.9 lbs & 30 inches
Sleeping 11 hours per night (8pm-7-7:30am avg.)
Eating 3 “solid” meals per day and now drinking whole milk!

New skills:

Saying & pointing out every “dog,” “ball,” “duck,” “balloon,” and “apple”
Getting off of the couch and chairs legs first


Blueberries, cinnamon apples, Greek yogurt, Seasnax (especially lime), our dogs, his shoes, books & swim lessons


Still not loving car rides! Also not a huge fan of meat.


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