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Must-Have Items To Pack For A Trip To Disney With Kids

Packing for Disney can be fun, I promise! Personally, I love packing for Disney because Disney clothes and ears get me so excited for my trips! There’s nothing like looking forward to the magic of Disney, especially when you know you’re about to experience it with your little ones!

Before I delve into WHAT to pack, I want to share HOW to pack. Use packing cubes (like THESE) to separate and organize your own suitcase. My BEST tip for packing kids for Disney is to pack their outfits (from HEAD TO TOE including diaper, bow/headband and socks) in Ziplock bags that are labeled for each day. That way your mornings are a little less hectic and you don’t have to explain “the GRAY onesie with the PINK bow” to your clueless husband.

Besides the obvious items like comfy shoes and sunscreen, these are a few items I’ve learned are nonnegotiable when packing for Disney:

  • Toys and games to keep your child occupied during travel time. Whether you’re driving or flying to Disney, keeping your little ones occupied during travel is SO KEY to YOUR sanity. Hit up the dollar spot at Target, the toy section of HomeGoods and the holy grail of EVERYTHING, Amazon, to stock up before you leave. These have been good to us: Floam, Water Wow books, doodle board, window clings, ..and of course, the iPad loaded up with new Disney movies!
  • A good, easy-to-push stroller. Make sure you check Disney’s new stroller guidelines! We took this one on our last trip and it was SO GOOD to have. If you just have one kiddo, this one is great! For sunny days, these stroller liners were great for making sure the seats weren’t too hot for the kids after being out in the sun. Something I read once said to bring a stroller even if your child is a little older in case they get too tired to walk!
  • I also brought my baby carrier which was very helpful for when you can’t bring your stroller (ride lines, restaurants, etc).
  • A backpack to carry in the park (I’ve been using the same backpack for YEARS). You don’t really want to chance your diaper bag getting stolen by leaving it in your stroller basket, so a backpack is an easy way to tote your stuff on rides with you all while having your hands free.
  • Stroller fan(s)! These make such a world of difference on those sunny Florida days! It’s also nice to have a misting fan and cooling towels if you have extra packing space.
  • Ponchos from the dollar store or Amazon in case of rain – Florida weather is highly unpredictable and bipolar.
  • Water AND snacks! Did you know can you bring your own water bottles and snacks into the parks? We brought a case of water to our hotel and never had to buy any.
  • Have a sign made for your stroller or bring some decor to make your stroller stand out. Trust me! All strollers look the EXACT same when you’re in Disney so make yours easily identifiable. I attach my stroller sign with zip ties to make it theft resistant.
  • Ears, duh! These Minnie ears I purchased are a fraction of the price and JUST as good as the “real deal.”
  • Extra clothes (and diapers) are an absolute must! You never know if your baby will have a blowout in the middle of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (YES, this happened to me!), you’ll get wet on a ride, you’ll spill your Dole Whip down your shirt, you’ll sweat through your clothes, etc etc etc! Better to have an extra set at all times.
  • Items that make your baby/child feel “at home.” Don’t forget to pack your own crib sheets, sound machine, lovey/stuffy, sleep sack, bedtime books, whatever it is that will make bedtime/naptime go more smoothly in a different environment!

Happy travels, friends!

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