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My Honest Experience With The Sakara Life Meal Plan

I’ve been wanting to work with Sakara Life for.. YEARS. Literally. Everything they stand for aligns with how I strive to feel, eat and practice daily life. If you’re not familiar with Sakara, it is a woman-founded wellness company/program that is anchored in treating food as medicine. I read a quote a few years back that changed how I view food:

“The food you eat can either be the safest & most powerful form of medicine OR the slowest form of poison.”

-Ann Wigmore

That’s a moving statement and probably the moment that set my wellness path into overdrive, which in turn helped me realize how much of a passion learning about health and nutrition would be. Saying “YES!” to trying Sakara was about as easy as it was answering Brad’s marriage proposal, and I never looked back for either!

As with anything else, I’m always honest. So, without further adieu, here is an honest review of my first experience with Sakara (there IS a discount code at the end!):

I opted to try out the 3-day meal program, which consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner, detox tea & some type of supplement (probiotics for me), for three full days. The box arrived at my door in time for dinner Tuesday and I finished up with Friday’s lunch. I did like that the meals were technically over a 4-day span and that I had dinner to look forward to on Tuesday. It’s no secret that I LOVE to cook, however, it was SO NICE to have a break but to also be able to trust that the meals I was consuming were actually healthy without any sketch oils, processed ingredients or added sugar.

My breakfasts consisted of a blueberry earth cake, a “yoga bunny” breakfast muffin, and chocolate granola with homemade almond milk (the earth cake was my favorite, but they were all good). The lunch lineup was a Middle Eastern bowl, sweet beet + cashew medley bowl, and a white bean chili verde with cabbage slaw (I can’t even choose a fave, loved them each the same). Dinners were a little heartier with a truffle kale salad (yum – fave!), five herb pesto salad, and a broccoli soup with chili greens.


I was shocked at how much flavor came through in these dishes. I surely thought I would be underwhelmed, despite how good the menu looked. While I do happen to LOVE “healthy food” in general like quinoa and kale, these items would satisfy even the opposite palate. I will say, though, that the chili greens for the soup were a tad salty for me and I didn’t care for the sage in the pesto pasta. But, overall, I was super impressed with the Sakara execution and wouldn’t mind some of these meals on steady rotation. The detox tea is also wonderful and I’m not even really a tea person (COFFEE FO’ LYFE).

I know these meals are on the pricey side (use my discount code: XOANIKA to save!), but I did pay for these myself, and I can definitely say it’s worth it if you can swing it. Not only is it a nice break from menu planning and cooking, but the meals are LEGIT delicious, organic and trust-worthy. I know a lot of other meal plan companies that say their meals are “healthy,” but then they’re full of inflammatory oils and unpronounceable ingredients – just to name a few. Sakara is very transparent with their ingredients, and as a nutrition student, that’s something I can surely appreciate. They have a few different options for programs to try, subscriptions, and even wellness products to browse. In my opinion, food (& health!) makes a great holiday gift so be sure to add Sakara to your lists and let me know what you think!

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    Wow! Looks delicious. What a wonderful and healthy menu. : ) Thanks for all of the helpful information.

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