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Our Daily Routine (& Henry’s 9 Month Update)

Hey guys! I’m a little late on Henry’s 9 month update because we were on vacation & I purposely left my laptop at home for some quality fam time. Better late than never, right? And since it’s a little late, I figured this was a good opportunity to share what our daily life is like here at home with Henry’s schedule.

Let me start off by saying how thankful I feel to get to be able to spend my days with Henry. I know that the SAHM life isn’t for everyone and some mamas don’t get the opportunity. We’re all doing our best as moms, wives and women! I commend each and every one of you for all that you do!

While I was pregnant and when I first entered motherhood, I was always reading other mama’s schedules and routines to get an idea of how we should create our own. Henry, like the true wild child he is, laid the foundation and we took it from there. Of course, like anything with a baby, this changes pretty regularly and I always feel like I’m going back to the drawing board. But you know what they say, “the only thing constant in life is change.” So, here’s a day in the life of the Ginzler’s:

6:30am: Henry starts having a conversation with himself in his crib.
We let him babble for a bit before we go in to get him up for the day. Brad feeds Henry in the morning and evening so, batter up! This gives me about an hour and a half or so before he leaves for work to get the house together, make breakfasts for the 3 of us, get ready for the day, etc.

8:30am: Breakfast time. Shortly after my husband leaves for work, I get Henry set up for his first solids meal of the day. His breakfast meal usually consists of Greek yogurt or oatmeal with fruit. I also like to give him cut up berries or toast so he can continue practicing his pincer grasp and chewing skills.
9:15am – 11am: Down for nap #1.
Nap = mom time. During Henry’s first nap of the day, I’ll typically workout & shower, prep some food (banana bread, roasted sweet potatoes, etc), answer emails & make sure the diaper bag is ready for business. When he wakes up, I change him out of his pj’s and into his (first) outfit of the day. There’s no such thing as ONE outfit a day because #boymom.

11am: The milk monster strikes again. Afterwards, we usually get out of the house for a play date, a mommy & me class, or just to run some errands.

12:30pm: The lunch bell rings! Does it seem to you like he’s always eating or is it just me? Lunch consists of a solid meal that I try to keep mostly vegetables and whole grains such as zucchini & quinoa or sweet potatoes with cinnamon and a little grass-fed butter. If we’re on the go, I grab a Once Upon A Farm pouch for the road. I love these because they’re delicious organic unique cold-pressed recipes that have zero preservatives (use code MILESANDMIMOSAS for a discount – not an affiliate code!)! After lunch, play time resumes.

2:15-4:15pm: Down for nap #2. Henry is ::knocks on wood:: a pretty decent napper. In the beginning, he would ONLY nap in his bouncer while being bounced. After we sleep trained, he was a different baby! We dropped down from 3 to 2 naps around 8ish months when he started fighting his midday nap like a screaming little crib wrestler. During this nap, I try to get some stuff prepped for dinner (to make it easier later), have a snack, clean up the destruction that Hurricane Henry caused throughout the day, and sometimes (GASP) relax!

5:30pm: Dinnertime. Dinnertime for Henry is pretty hit or miss. Whilst I thought FOR SURE my child would love and obsess over food like mom, he really is quite the opposite. I start his meal with something he can eat with his hands (homemade meatballs, steamed veggie sticks, shredded chicken) and then finish it with a blended meal if he doesn’t ingest much (ie it falls on the floor and the dogs eat it). Lately he seems more interested in what we’re eating, so it might be time to just give him the good stuff!

7pm: Time to hit the hay. When the clock strikes 7, the bath is ready, pajamas are laid out, bottle is warmed and the sound machine is on. We don’t mess around with bedtime over here! Our bedtime routine is a team effort that both hubs and I participate in and it usually goes off without a hitch. We get comments all the time like, “just keep him out later, he’ll be fine!” To each their own, but this schedule has worked so well for us and I love the predictability of our day. Our baby sleeps well and wakes up rested!

Henry’s 9 Month Update:


Weighing in at 20.8 lbs & 28ish inches
Sleeping 10-11 hours per night (7:30pm-6:30am avg.)
Eating 3 “solid” meals per day

New skills:

Clapping, high fives, waving (inward LOL), and standing on his own for more time


New textures and scenery, mom – stage 5 clinger these days, banana bread, and puffs are LIFE


Being changed, being left alone (even for a second!), and the stranger danger is REAL

[All photos taken by Coco Prop Shop]


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