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Tips For Navigating Disney World During The Covid19 Pandemic

*This blog post was written as a collaboration between myself and my friend/business partner, Keri, who also has two toddlers!*

Let’s just get this out there.. 2020 has been WEIRDDDDD and we are ALL way overdue for some magic. More specifically, THE magic of one place and one place only – DISNEY WORLD. While we were, of course, hesitant to plan this trip, it is 100% what we all needed. We needed to see our kids so happy after 8 long months living in a quarantine bubble and that made any potential risk all worth it. The not having to cook or plan “covid safe” activities for a few days didn’t suck either!

We know that these times are strange and you probably have a lot of travel-related questions so we’ve complied a list of new Disney protocols you need to be aware of and some of our personal tips when planning a trip anytime soon (we’re told things will probably stay the way they are now well into 2021).

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The Epcot International Food + Wine [+ Waiting in Line!] Festival

Let’s just be honest here.. Epcot is Disney World for grown-ups.

When I was a kid, a trip to Epcot was almost as bad as a trip to the pediatrician. I much preferred the bewitchment of the Magic Kingdom and the retro streets of the park formerly known as MGM, even though I was too small for the best rides.  Epcot was just “too boring” and “too educational” to have fun for my seven-year old self.
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