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The Whole30: Halfway There

My Whole30 journey is more than halfway completed and I’m so excited to share how things have been going! When I first started, on day two, I was all “oh I can do this, NO PROBLEM.” Soon after, the “carb hangover” began and I was not only kicking myself in the toosh for naively thinking how easy this would be, but also dying for all things carby, chocolatey and sweet. While I still long for piece of soft & heavenly chocolate chip banana bread (especially this one), I’m happy to report that for the most part I’m doing much better mentally and physically when it comes to my longtime love affair with food. I will say, however, the journey is much more enjoyable when you have a friend or spouse on it with you (shoutout to my Whole30 twin, Dani!).

Snacking isn’t really advisable on the Whole30, unless you’re working out that day. I am SUCH a snacker though and find it really hard not to when I spend my days chasing around a speedy crawling baby at Mommy & Me class. On the days that I don’t workout, I am really really really trying to listen to my hunger cues and make sure I’m actually hungry if I feel like I need a snack. Some of my favorites have been sliced strawberries with almond butter and chopped hardboiled egg whites with avocado and buffalo sauce (post to come about my favorite Whole30 approved products).

For meals, I’m still ordering my organic paleo Sun Basket meals (3x/week), having hubs grill one night, and the rest I’ve been finding recipes around the web. If you absolutely despise meal planning & prep, the Whole30 might not be your best bet. I really have found that I enjoy planning meals for half the week at a time and doing the shopping and cooking. Some of my favorite recipes lately have been..

This Turkish Stuffed Eggplant has been made twice already during my Whole30! The second time around, I added in a few more spices that my friend Dani recommended and it came out SO GOOD. And since my husband won’t go near an eggplant, I mixed the stuffing with some whole wheat elbow pasta and he loved it too.


I am SO IN LOVE with this Whole30 Sweet Potato & Almond Butter Bowl. I’m always steaming vegetables for Henry, so I just used his baby food steamer to steam a bunch of Japanese sweet potatoes so I could whip up a few of these bowls to have on hand for breakfast during the week. I’ve found that I can split the recipe into two servings and I look forward to being able to eat it the next morning topped with blueberries and coconut butter!


This coming weekend I have to stay on track while on a short weekend vacation. Wish me luck & I’ll post an update when my Whole30 is over! The countdown is on.

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