Henry Does the Hamptons!

Earlier this month, we took our summer trip in the Hamptons with friends. It’s quite the understatement to say that I am OBSESSED with the Hamps! From the moment we left last summer, I could not wait to come back. Not only is it some of the prettiest scenery & real estate, but you have the beach, countless farmers markets, blooming sunflower fields, vineyards and the cutest little towns to just stroll the streets of. And, of course, I can’t discuss the Hamptons without a mention of Levain Bakery’s AMAZING cookies. If you’ve ever had one, you know just how serious they are! If you haven’t, PLEASE add them to your bucket list because they are an absolute MUST-TRY.

This summer was a little different – since we had Henry with us! We did a few staycaytions in the beginning of the summer to “practice” for this trip, but this was our first REAL family vacation as a family of three and Henry’s first flight (I’ll save that little story for another day). I thought it would be fun to give a little rundown of our trip and share some photos.

We stayed in Bridgehampton at our friends’ GORGEOUS (I mean, SO GORGEOUS) house. We didn’t get there until it was already dark outside and past Henry’s bedtime, so we immediately began “the routine.” While it obviously wasn’t the same since we weren’t in our own house, Henry did great and went right to bed.. but still woke up at his usual time. So after a good night of solid sleep with the fresh Hamptons air, we were ready to truly begin our vacation.

day one:
Henry totally hasn’t grasped the concept of “sleeping in because we’re on vacation” yet, so we were up with the sunrise and that was definitely ok because I wanted to make the most of our time there. We went to breakfast at Estia’s Little Kitchen in Sag Harbor and it was such a good recommendation! They had some healthy options and some not so healthy options – and Henry was so content just sitting in his high chair looking around at all their knick knacks (& a baby sitting behind us). I had the “A’s Pop,” which is chili shredded chicken, organic quinoa, egg whites, roasted veggies and avocado. After checking out some Hamptons scenery and of course, DONUTS, we met up with friends for lunch at Bobby Van’s. The rest of the day was spent leisurely catching up with friends at home, some Italian takeout for dinner and WINE. The best kinda day if you ask me!


day two:
Day two started with a class at Barry’s Bootcamp, which you’ll see was so necessary when you read about the rest of our day! Once that was out of the way (I do highly recommend a class), we stopped for bagels & picked up a box of Levain cookies (because NY!) before heading to check out Round Swamp Farm. I had been dying to visit after reading & hearing so many good things about their prepared foods and produce. Even though I heard it was pretty expensive, it was SO WORTH IT. I picked up some guac and hummus for the house and a salad to snack on later that had fresh summer peaches, goat cheese, toasted pistachios and a so delish vinaigrette. Ugh, even though this salad was so simple, I’ve been dreaming of it ever since!

Since clearly our trips revolve around food, we met up with friends for a drink by the water after at Baron’s Cove – highly recommend their version of a Moscow Mule. They had a great outdoor patio where the babies could sit and play with their toys. And as if this day wasn’t already packed full of activities, we had a special dinner that evening at Bobby Van’s full of indulgences like steak & cake. Thank goodness for that workout.

day three:
The Golden Pear, our breakfast spot of day #3, is a quick & easy breakfast option and they have them all over the Hamptons. They truly have the best iced tea ever! If you happen to visit the one in Sag Harbor, there’s a home & general store next door called Sylvester & Co. that has a coffee shop in the back and their ‘Dreamy’ cold brew is heavenly. We spent the rest of the afternoon in East Hampton before heading to the Wolffer Wine Stand.

I’ve been wanting to visit Wolffer FOR-EV-ER. Last year in the Hamps I was super prego so there was obviously no drinking involved. Every Friday & Saturday evening they have live music out back where you can lay a blanket in the grass and enjoy some cheese and Wolffer wine. The Summer in a Bottle was, of course, the pick for the night and I really could’ve spent hours and hours there – the view and weather was absolute perfection. But, ya know.. #parentlife. So instead of closing Wolffer down, we BBQ’d with our friends and that was the best last night we could’ve asked for.

day four:
The dreaded last day of vacay (insert ALLLL the crying emojis). Since we had to leave for the trek back to the city/airport pretty early, we really only had time for one more breakfast out – which we had at Hampton Coffee Company. Obviously I was sold on their coffee, but the food was pretty good too. I had one of their specials which was avocado toast (so basic, I know) topped with goat cheese, smoked salmon and capers. Goodbyes were said, the car was packed, and the Sunday Blues began to set in.

Henry slept the entire drive to the airport.. and I’ll save the rest for another time. Already looking forward to next summer!


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