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Henry’s 5 Month Update!

Time is surely flying! It’s hard to believe Henry has been with us for five months already! I know it’s SO cliche.. but where does the time go?!

In all honesty (because I’m very honest about motherhood!), Henry’s fifth month of life hasn’t been my favorite. Not only have we been battling his reflux and trying to find the best remedy to keep him comfy, but he’s cutting his first tooth. The combo of those two with his new skill of rolling onto his belly has caused what is known in the mama world as the dreaded “4 month sleep regression.” So with that being said, I’ve been drinking more coffee than usual lately! Although this past month was tough, I still make sure that I enjoy and cherish every moment – good or bad – and remain optimistic about next month. Here’s what else has happened in the past month:


Weighing in at 17.4 lbs & 26 inches
Sleeping is questionable at this point! 😴

New skills:

Cutting his first tooth, doing the “worm crawl,” sitting up unassisted for extended periods of time, & belly laughing


Sitting and spending time outside, his friends from Mommy & Me (I think he recognizes them now!), the Jumperoo is a huge hit and the “big boy” stroller seat where he gets to face outward


Sitting still and strangers (the stranger danger is real!)

Looking Forward To:

Family photos next week with the amazing Jessica Bordner who did our maternity session, sitting up for longer periods unassisted, and maybe some army crawling soon?!

As controversial as it may be (if you’re a judgy person – BUH BYE👋🏼), we’re working on sleep training currently. We are all so much happier when well rested (especially Henry)! We’re using the “Happy Sleeper” book/method and so far it’s going well. This book was recommended by one of my favorite bloggers, M Loves M. We still have a couple of rough nights since it’s very new, but last night Henry slept for almost 11 hours! I feel like a new person today and we both woke up with a pep in our step. This method has also helped us with getting Henry to nap in his crib which will be so helpful in the future and let’s me get stuff done around the house! Here’s to hoping it works in the long run!

If you guys have any questions or advice for our new parenthood life, please leave them below!

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