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What’s In My Hospital Bag For Baby #2

I am totally guilty, like every other first time mom, of overpacking my hospital bag when I went in to deliver Henry. Some lessons we just need to learn for ourselves the hard way.. ya know? I read the countless blog posts, Pinterest infographics & app articles about what to bring, but for some reason thought I’d have way more time on my hands and be in the right frame of mind in the hospital to do leisurely activities like read a novel and accomplish work on my laptop (I’m LOL’ing at myself!). So, with some seasoned experience, I have just packed my bag for round TWO and am here to share what you actually need when you’re finally ready to meet your baby!

Note: I am having a scheduled c-section, but these items would work for either type of delivery. There’s an easy checklist for you at the bottom!


For myself and the baby’s items, I am bringing a small carry-on size rolling suitcase – simply because a rolling suitcase is easier to transport at 9 months pregnant and I will have room to bring the extra items supplied by the hospital home. I’m also bringing a large tote bag. Please note that my hospital provides the mesh undergarments, postpartum care items and pads for mom!

In the suitcase:

Day 1: My own delivery gown because 1. I’m extra & 2. I’m skeeved by everything that comes from a hospital!
Day 2: A cute but functional robe (I used this brand last time & loved it) paired with a nursing tank & these comfy high-waisted lounge pants. I was not well prepared for this last time and just brought a robe which ended up being too short because (FYI, ladies!), you still have a baby bump even after the baby comes out.
Day 3 (going home!): Maternity high-waisted leggings paired with a postpartum girdle (I’m SO SO SO excited to try this one – I’ve heard great things!), nursing bra, a loose button-down top & sneakers.

Cheap flip flops for the bathroom/shower – I plan to just trash these before discharge
Comfy (but not expensive) slippers for walking around your room – I’m trashing these too.. I hate hospitals!
Several pairs of cozy, comfy and/or grippy socks – I have these, these & these cuties packed

**Before continuing, I want to touch on why I’m bringing a postpartum girdle and why I feel so strongly about them – for any type of delivery! From my pregnancy with Henry, I was left with diastasis recti (an abdominal separation – Google it or read this! But FYI, *most* women have it after pregnancy and don’t even know it and will continue to wonder why their stomach never looks even close to pre-pregnancy or “pooches” out) and a small umbilical hernia. But even without those unfortunate things, after a c-section you just don’t feel totally “normal” and like your insides might be falling out. These “girdles,” which I wish I knew about sooner after my first baby, help you feel more “held together” and your mid-section feel super supported – which is SO IMPORTANT! You can start wearing them the day you’re discharged from the hospital and according to Bellefit, they “provide compression and lymphatic drainage, and prevent symptoms from worsening by promoting healing in a well-constructed and supportive garment that can be worn after pregnancy.” PS- They’re giving you 40% OFF through December 3rd with code “ANIKACM.” I’ll be doing a before & after post soon enough so you can see for yourself how much it helps! I wish all moms knew about this! **

Toothbrush & paste
Face wash & moisturizer
Chapstick (so dry!)
Dry shampoo –  this one is my favorite & is a great deal right now!
Face wipes
Hair ties
Body wash/soap
Hair & makeup supplies

Miscellaneous mama items:
Nipple butter
Nursing pads
Pillow & blanket from home for comfort
Boppy/nursing pillow
Towel if you plan to shower

In the tote bag:

Phone charger & portable charger – a long charger cord is helpful!
ALL THE SNACKS – trailmix, vegan protein bars, apples
Big water bottle – my favorite brand (use code MILESAND10 for 10% off on Amazon!)
Sibling gift for Henry from his new sister
ID & insurance information


My hospital provides diapers, wipes, a pacifier – basically everything the baby needs. I am only bringing items for photos and for going home. They even have organic formula if needed!

**Label large gallon Ziplock bags with “Going Home Outfit” or “First Picture Outfit” so anyone can easily grab them for you! I know firsthand that it’s not easy to move around after delivery & it can also be frustrating trying to explain specific baby items to someone else digging through your suitcase.

Bag 1: “Announcement outfit” – basically a pretty swaddle & hat
Bag 2: Going home outfit
Bag 3: Extra random items (since babies can be messy!) such as zipper sleepers, hats, socks, and an additional swaddle.

Carseat! They won’t let you leave without this.


Changes of clothes & pajamas
Flip flops
Phone Charger
Pillow & blanket (optional)

I hope this helps all the new & not-so-new mamas!

[all photos taken by: Coviello Photo]

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