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While it’s true that no two days are ever the same, the bones of my day as a “stay at home toddler mom/lifestyle blogger” are generally similar on a day-to-day basis. As you may know, I’m ALL about a schedule and somewhat of a routine (while some days that just has to go out the window), so having an outline of what our day needs to be helps me keep my sanity. With a new month upon us, I thought it was a great idea to jump in with a bunch of my favorite bloggers to share what a typical, REAL, unfiltered day in our lives looks like – and sometimes it just ain’t pretty or really all that exciting. But I always promised to keep it real, right? So keep on scrolling if you wanna see what my days look like – as well as seven other gorgeous moms who I’m lucky to call my friends! PS – all photos for this project were captured on my iPhone – as real as it gets.

I decided to capture a Thursday – a day when I have zero help with Henry, a packed day for us, and it’s near the end of the week when I’m dying for both coffee AND wine at the same damn time. Our day starts at 7:30am when Henry’s babbles start coming through the monitor. Hubs and I both get up, he tends to Henry so he can spend some time with him before he heads to work, and I get ready for the day – I let the dogs outside and then the bed, breakfast and coffee get made. I do truly believe that making the bed can change your whole day. On this particular day, a lovely and not-so-beautiful jar of overnight oats was on the menu for me. My husband has protein oatmeal every. single. day.



My husband leaves for work around 8:15am so I pack us up for our morning walk around the neighborhood. Luckily the weather has been extra nice lately so our walks can be a little longer. We’re always on the lookout for ducks since that’s Henry’s favorite word as of late.



Post-walk it’s time for little man to eat his breakfast, which is usually a fruit and carb of some sort. Today’s menu: a pumpkin waffle with coconut butter, blueberries and vanilla ghee sautéed cinnamon apples. Meals are hit or miss for this dude, and one day he will LOVE something and the next he’ll feed it to the dogs behind my back. You just never know! After breakfast, at about 9:30am, it’s time for nap numero uno.

Luckily, H is a good napper. With that being said, I definitely take Henry’s first nap to my advantage and clean up, sometimes workout on the Peloton, leisurely get myself ready for the day, catch up on emails..and honestly sometimes just sit in silence with the dogs. His nap is usually around an hour and a half and I’ve got my makeup routine down to a 15 minute science.

On Thursdays, I hate to admit, I have to wake H up from his nap a few minutes early because we have a “Mommy & Me” class. Henry has four classes a week – and I take him to two of them. I volunteered to be the “room mom” for this particular class – you know just another hat to wear (insert hands up emoji bc WHY NOT?). It’s a great way for me to socialize with other moms and for Henry to socialize with similar-aged babes. This one is an hour and a half long and Henry looooves it.

Would you believe our day isn’t even half way through yet? No wonder us moms are always tired! It’s now about 12:30pm and time for us both to eat lunch. Henry’s favorite lunch is a Siggi’s Banana Cinnamon yogurt topped with a Once Upon a Farm spiced apple pouch. I had picked up an extra salad and iced almond milk and honey latte at a meeting the previous day which was a lifesaver because I didn’t really have to make lunch for either of us!

We typically spend time playing indoors after lunch if we don’t have an errand to run. Henry has free reign of our living room and pretty much just goes to town making a huge mess (aka Hurricane Henry). We’re in the works of making him a designated mess playroom, but of course it’s taking time, like everything does when you’re busy parents with never-ending to do lists. I feel like I’m constantly cleaning up our living room and kitchen day in and day out. Henry has a special love for the tupperware drawer and flinging the contents all over the house. This pretty much wears him out and gets him ready for nap #2 at about 2:30pm.

This is when the blogging, Instagram drafting, e-mailing, and work time happens. Blogging is truly a job – despite what you may think. I spend countless hours actually WORKING to make sure my blog and Instagram account are successful, updated regularly, engaging and etc etc etc. And it’s rare that I’m not working into the evening when Henry goes to bed. It would, of course, be easier to phone it in, buy followers and engagement, and post sub-par photos and blog content – but I made a commitment and I plan to stick to it – because I LOVE IT. And on top of the blog, I have something exciting in the works which I’ll announce in a few weeks. My plate is FULL to say the least. PS- I’m also in my pajamas already in this picture (LOL). I like comfort – it helps the creativity flow.

When Henry wakes up at about 4:15pm, we try to do something outside with the dogs or some of our neighbor friends if we don’t have an errand to run (H loves Trader Joe’s!). He LOVES being outside, it’s definitely his happy place. Whether we hang in the front yard, hit up the neighborhood park or go for another stroll/wagon ride, we both really enjoy this time. Lately, with all our pumpkins by the front door, he’s been loving toting them from the door and spreading them all over the yard. At around 5pm I start making dinner. We don’t usually eat out during the week. Dinner for us is usually something on the grill, a hefty salad with protein, or some other healthy dish that I’ve concocted. Henry’s dinner on this particular night was a quesadilla with a Siete almond flour tortilla, organic mozzarella, and I hid some taco meat in there because the kid won’t usually touch meat of any kind (le struggle).

After dinner, we hang as a family until babe’s bath time at 7:30pm – and honestly the countdown to bedtime is definitely on by this point. Our days are LONG as you can see. And while I’m super lucky to be able to spend my days home with Henry, being a SAHM is no easy task. Going to work might even be easier on a daily basis. So, when the clock strikes 7:30, Henry is immediately plopped in the tub. After his bath, hubs gives him his milk (we just made the switch!) and reads him a few books before it’s time for bed.

After Henry finally settles into sleep, I clean up (AGAIN, ugh), shower, and try to get anymore work that needs to be done, done (especially Instagram). My husband uses this time to jump on the Peloton. Afterwards, we convene to watch a show, relax and just be. I really really look forward to this time – it’s SO NECESSARY. Then, by 10:30pm I start itching for sleep. I used to be able to stay up until midnight – those days are LOOOONG gone, friends.

As you can see, it’s not all that glamorous. And like everything else, we have good days and bad days. I appreciate the days I get to spend with Henry – but I also appreciate the days when I have help and can escape for a few hours. I’ve truly learned that life is all about balance! Or else I’d be in the looney bin y’all.

While this is my “normal,” it’s amazing to see just how different each mom and blogger does life and balancing everything in their own way. These seven other mamas from all over the world are a few of my faves and I think you’ll love reading about their documented days as much as I have. XO.

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