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Henry’s 8 Month Update!

Eight months sure did come and go quickly! This past month has been the BEST stage of motherhood and babyhood so far – and I think Henry would agree. His no-so-little personality is starting to blossom more and more every day and there are just so many details we’re starting to notice in his demeanor. We know what songs to sing to make him smile and dance, which toys he loves to shake like a tambourine (and which non-toy items he’s going to go after, aka shoes & remotes!), and the meaning behind one cry to the next. It really gives me ALL the mama feels to see the safety and trust he finds in us. I love that he always searches the room for us and reaches his arms out for me.

Over the past month, Henry has sprouted two more teeth and I think there’s another one on the way since it’s drool city around here! He’s CONSTANTLY on the move (these monthly photos are becoming impossible!) and refuses to sit still unless of course there’s food in front of him. We just had out first vacation as a family of three and I’m pleasantly surprised with how well he did – more details to come in a new blog post. All his latest stats are below and if you have any questions, please reach out! I’d love to hear from you.


Weighing in at 20 lbs & 28 inches
Sleeping 10-11 hours per night (7:30pm-6:30am avg.)
Eating 2 “solid” meals per day – a combo of purées & BLW

New skills:

Cruising the furniture & dancing. Can’t hold this kid back now! He’s also starting to say “dadadada” and “hiiii.”


Finger foods (we might be kissing purées goodbye soon), teething toys, music, being read to & seeing dad come home from work.


Getting dressed & diaper changes.

Looking Forward To:

Summer vacations, pool/beach days and family time.

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