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My Favorite Easy & Healthy Snacks With FAGE

This post is sponsored by FAGE; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I only work with brands that I truly love.

If you looked up “crazed mother of two” in the dictionary, you’d most likely see a photo of me with a messy bun, pump on, & obviously a portable snack in my hand because obviously I’m always hungry. Since I started exclusively pumping, the relentless hunger has returned with a vengeance and I love spending time in the kitchen (when time allows) prepping little snacks & meals ahead of time so that I won’t be reaching for something processed and full of less than ideal ingredients when I’m chasing a toddler with a baby on my hip. After all, I’m truly eating for two! I love sharing my meal & snack ideas with all of you, because it’s often the community I’ve found on Instagram that I, myself, find helpful ideas & tips. Below are some of my favorite healthy snacks that you can throw together in a pinch and are easily eaten on the go with your family.

Greek yogurt parfait:

As a busy breastfeeding mom, protein is essential to my diet. Since I don’t really want to be snacking on a NY strip all day long, I have fallen head over heels for FAGE Greek yogurt. This was actually one of my biggest pregnancy cravings! Not only is it SO creamy (honestly the creamiest I’ve found), it’s also packed with protein, made with only natural ingredients, and is heavenly delicious. I love layering the Plain FAGE Total 5% with organic berries, chia & hemp seeds. You can always drizzle it with a little honey if you have a sweet tooth (ahem, ME). FAGE doesn’t add any sugar, so I feel comfortable sharing it with my toddler (toddlers are notorious for snack stealing!).

Roasted plantain chips with guacamole:

Ever since my first round of Whole 30, I’ve been addicted to roasted plantain chips. They’re crunchy, salty and easy to grab out of the pantry on a hectic day. My other lifelong addiction? Guacamole! I love making my own because I prefer it with tons of fresh lime juice, but any store bought also works (I like those single serve packs for this too). Not-so-pro pro tip: You can easily add some protein by mixing in a little plain FAGE Greek yogurt with your guacamole.

Chicken salad with grain-free crackers or lettuce cups:

Since my favorite local restaurant with the best chicken salad closed, I had to get creative and start making my own. And of course, with a healthy twist. I like my chicken salad “shredded” so I always make life easy and just use a rotisserie chicken. I usually buy one once a week and shred it into a tupperware so it’s easy to throw into recipes and salads. Once I have some shredded chicken, I chop up some celery and red onion, add some plain FAGE Greek yogurt & sea salt and pepper to taste. Voila! Greek yogurt is the best regular mayo alternative & I’m not a fan of avocado oil mayo! I have some to-go containers that have two compartments so this is an easy snack/lunch to eat in the school carpool line without a mess.

Some other SUPER quick snacks I love are homemade trail mix (I look for unsweetened dry fruit or freeze dried fruit), apples with almond butter, hummus with cucumbers & fresh fruit (wash/cut it when you buy it so it doesn’t go to waste and is easier to grab!). What is your favorite easy snack? Share them with me!

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