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Henry’s 10 Month Update!

Two months away from a whole year old – I just can’t even believe it! As much as I hate time for being SUCH a thief, I’m truly loving each new month with my sweet boy as his personality develops and blossoms. This last month has been full of firsts and SO MUCH FUN. Henry has definitely become my little sidekick and I’m so excited for what’s to come – especially his first birthday party! Keep reading to learn more about this last month with Henry Jax.

We kicked off Henry’s 10th month of life with his first plane ride and trip to the Hamptons (which you can read about here) and finished it with a staycation in Miami. While I can’t say that he’s a stellar flyer, he is very good at sleeping somewhere that isn’t home! He’s gearing up to start walking so so soon and he also tried pizza for the first time – and loved it of course bc #pizzaislife. Henry’s in his new big boy car seat now too (we went with this one after a lot of research and recommendations) since he was really starting to look uncomfortable in his infant carrier and I was never taking it in and out of the car anymore.



Weighing in at 21 lbs & 28.5 inches (we just had his 9 month checkup a little late)
Sleeping 10-11 hours per night (8pm-6:30-7am avg.)
Eating 3 “solid” meals per day (our pediatrician recommended doing mostly finger foods now)

New skills:

Starting to attempt to take steps with no hands, “washes his hands” by doing a cute little hand motion, throws his hands up to say “YAY,” will look at the correct person (or dog) when you ask where they are, and answers “MMMMMOO” when you ask what a cow says – SO FREAKIN’ CUTE


Cheerios (no more puffs!), healthified french toast, yogurt and seeing familiar faces


Eggs (I sneak them in with french toast!), being away from mom & dad for any longer than 2.5 seconds, and sitting in the high chair a minute too long.

I’m starting to plan this little dude’s first birthday party and it’s giving me all the feels! We’re going with a (modern) dinosaur theme, which I knew I wanted to do from the start. Can’t wait to show you guys!

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